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Witch (full name: Sklort McFungus) is a resident of Vineland Island.

As her nickname suggests, Witch practices witchcraft, and is often surrounded by arcane energies or artifacts. Her home is filled with tools which help her conduct experiments in the fields of magic and alchemy.

Witch is very good at maintaining relationships, which is shown through her ability to keep a happy, healthy relationship with Waluigi.


Witch is a character that is based on the generic "witch" design, which was introduced and popularized by the Three Weird Sisters from the play Macbeth in 1623.


Episode 1

Witch arrives at Vineland Island not long after Vinesauce, and the two become friends, bonding over the fact that they're stuck on an island in the middle of the ocean together. After a pair of brightly dressed men come to town claiming to be brothers, Witch and Vinesauce demonstrate their friendship through a friendly rap battle.

Being the first lady to come to Vineland Island, it's not long before someone starts to court her. Waluigi is quick to make his move, sparking a friendship. After spending a day out with him (silently being tailed by Vinesauce, who thinks he's being sneaky) the two become sweethearts.

At the end of the day, Witch and Waluigi are at the beach, enjoying life with each other.


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