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Watching Paint Dry is a sourcemod for Half-Life 2 based on the jocular term "watch paint dry". The premise of the mod is to simply watch paint dry in real-time. Despite this, Watching Paint Dry features multiple endings and references to memes and other mods such as The Stanley Parable.

One of the endings reveals that the narrator is in fact Bonzi Buddy. Bonzi would then destroy the world, crashing the game.


As part of Spooptober 2019, Vinny streamed Watching Paint Dry. When he gets the ending that reveals the mod's narrator is Bonzi Buddy, Vinny becomes pissed and complains that it is not even his meme.



Stream Streamed by Date Length Highlights
Spooptober Horror Games 2019 - Watching Paint Dry Vinesauce Vinny Logo.png Vinny October 6, 2019 00:30:20
  • Vinny says "mmm, soup!" to sound of the Gravity Gun hum. [4m21s]
  • Vinny encounters Bonzi Buddy, is not pleased. [27m04s]
Watching Paint Dry (Highlights) Vinesauce Joel Logo.png Joel February 16, 2020 01:52:48
  • Joel stares at a menacing cat. [42m38s]
  • Joel encounters Bonzi Buddy. [57m34s]

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