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Happiness is swimming in a pool of nail clippers.

Wario is a resident of Vineland Island.

Professionally, Wario is a scoundrel and a thief, harboring a hatred towards mankind and all things good. He is a cheater, a bully, a thief, and all around a big dumb jerk. He is likely going to hell for his many sins, not the least of which being his insatiable greed.

Wario is a lone wolf, and enjoys time to himself. He claims other people stress him out.

A man of few words (and also an idiot), all of Wario's catchphrases are simplistic, guttural screeches.


Wario is a character from Nintendo, first appearing in the game Mario Land 2 in 1992. Since then, he's been in two spin off titles: Wario Land and WarioWare, Inc. He's made appearances in multiple mainstream Mario games, and has always been greedy.


Episodes 1

Wario comes to the island hungry. He is offered bread by the island's owner, which he accepts at first. The island's owner becomes pushy and starts shoving an entire loaf of bread in his face, which he refuses, leaving the owner disgruntled. Out of spite, the island's owner gives Wario nothing to eat except white bread for a good while.

During the rap battle hosted by the weird old lady and the odd looking jabroni, he sides with the old lady, presumably sensing a powerful energy emanating from her.

The island's owner visits Wario to present him with a gift; an incredibly expensive full-body mermaid outfit. Wario shows his distaste, but is not given a choice of what he can and cannot wear, so he keeps the outfit on. To vent his frustration over this, he challenges Witch to a rap battle, which he wins.

Wario is quick to snag a job from the local Interior Design store, though whether or not he got it lawfully is unconfirmed.

Being the creep that he is, Wario lies to the island's owner and says that the only minor in town wants to be his friend, despite the fact that he hadn't left his room since he arrived. He barges into the child's room and asserts himself as his "friend". His intentions are unknown.

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