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Walrus is a central character from Vinny's streams of Tomodachi Life. His catchphrase is "Goo goo gajoob", referencing The Beatles "I am The Walrus".


Tomodachi Life

When Walrus first moves into town, Vinny is endeared to his strangeness, saying he is a perfect member to the island. However, when Two Faced unexpectedly starts dating him, Vinny despises this. So begins a cycle of torment involving Vinny putting Walrus in a jail cell, forcing him to wear prison clothes, constantly insulting him, and feeding him his least favourite food on purpose, causing him to melt into a grey puddle.

in part 37 of Tomodachi life, Donkey Kong decides to ask Two Faced on a date. Vinny, expecting her to turn him down due to her devotion to Walrus, is shocked when he manages to steal her away from him, leaving him depressed. Vinny empathises with Walrus, notably ending his streak of tormenting him, and even gives him a new room, clothes and feeds him his favourite food.

Alpaca is his second relationship, which results in marriage. Before being claimed by the Jahnpocalypse, Levi is shown to have eventually accepted Walrus as his new step-father.

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