He's got the V mouth.

Vlinny is a botched clone of Vinesauce. His flesh can only survive if encased in ice and the temperature is really low. Otherwise his "true form" will show.


Tomodachi Life

Vinny gave Vlinny an "Ice Interior" because his flesh will die without being encased in ice.

Vinny thinks that Vlinny is contemplating leaving his house and making a ruckus in Vinesauce's Life.

Vinny kicks out Vlinny's love interest, Dherse, for the Tomodachi Survivor Edition.

Vlinny says that he's works best under pressure but we should not test that theory. Vinny takes this as a threat and gives him Brussels Sprouts to chill out.

Vinny sold a lot of his possessions to give Vlinny enough money to go to space. He gives him $8,000.00 but he still needs $1,989.99 to go to space. He remarks Vlinny made him broke.

Vlinny was going to be kicked out of Tomodachi Life but Vinny was upset that he spent all his money for nothing and he would never get to see a Mii go to Space. The chat quickly voted for Two Faced to be voted off instead but Vinny thought his opinion made the votes too biased so he made Vlinny and Two Faced duke it out in Super Smash Bros.

Vlinny was last seen singing with Vinesauce, Alpaca and Sponge in a musical to end Tomodachi Life.

Super Smash Bros.

Vlinny and Two Faced appeared in Super Smash Bros to decide who would be voted off the Island. Vlinny won and Two Faced was kicked off the Island.

Vlinny then fought Pit, played by Vinny himself, and won.

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