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Vinewrestle is a series of annual streams hosted by Joel that happen during the VinesauceIsHOPE streams. Set in modded versions of the annual WWE games on PC, Vinewrestle is a wrestling tournament featuring various streamers, memes, and other popular figures duking it out CPU-versus-CPU in the ring.


Main Events

Each year there is a main Vinewrestle event. This consists of an eight-man tournament, leading up to a final championship bout for the prestigious VineBelt.

Vinewrestle 2014 Dick Poop April 4, 2014
Vinewrestle 2015 Mario April 19, 2015
Vinewrestle 2016 Bulk Bogan March 15, 2016
Vinewrestle 2017 Bob Ross June 23, 2017
Vinewrestle 2018 BBQ Pitboy July 20, 2018
Vinewrestle 2019 Jerma July 19, 2019
Vinewrestle 2020 Tongo July 18, 2020
Vinewrestle 2021 Gnorts August 22, 2021

Side Events

There are also other Vinewrestle events that are not the usual annual tournaments. These are sometimes just for fun without any VineBelt championship involved, such as the Vinewrestle: Summer Slaughters, or they are matches done to negate the victories of champions who Joel doesn't like.

Vinewrestle 2017: Summer Slaughter June 28, 2017
Vinewrestle 2018: Finale July 21, 2018
Vinewrestle 2019: 30-Man Rumble Special July 20, 2019
Vinewrestle 2019: Summer Slaughter August 19, 2019
Vinewrestle 2020: Obama's Funky Ring June 26, 2020




  • There have been multiple occasions where Joel sends a Vinewrestle champion into an unfair match to take away their VineBelt. They have been listed here:
    • BBQ Pitboy was defeated by Joel, Rev, and Vinny in Vinewrestle 2018, losing the title.
    • Jerma defeated Joel and Pantherk, followed by SimpleFlips in Vinewrestle 2019, keeping the title.
    • Tongo was defeated by Joel, Jerma, and the Giant Rat in Vinewrestle 2020, losing the title.

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