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Vineschnoz is the second clone of Vinesauce, who first appeared in Vinny's corruption stream of Tomodachi Collection. He has a large nose and is a former baseball player. Despite his ridiculous-looking face, he does not do much on Vineland Island.


Vineschnoz was likely based on a modification of Vlinny's first name, "Vinesnauce". As the name would come to imply, the Mii has a schnoz (an unusually large nose).


Vineschnoz makes his first debut in the Tomodachi Collection corruptions stream, where he appears to have total control of the corrupted island's businesses and media. He makes incomprehensible news reports and worships a demonic entity only referred to as "ÄSlw b". He also sings an Enka song called "BABY♥", which is supposedly about kicking babies and romancing toilets.

Vineschnoz made his debut to Vineland in part 50, having somehow left the corrupted one. Vinny suggests in part 52 that Vineschnoz crossed over from the corrupted dimension to this one via one of Rick Sanchez' portals. Rick arriving to the island during the April fools episode further cements this theory.

Despite his starring role on the corrupted island, Vinny repeatedly calls him the most vapid character in his Tomodachi Life playthrough. He stars in "The World's End?" as part of the Four Jabronis to end off the original run of the series.

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