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Vinesauce Tomodachi Life Part 9, highlights titled Turn Down for What, is the ninth episode of Vinesauce Tomodachi Life.


Vinny begins by going on a rant about how weird the game is, he then proceeds to buy the latest things. He watches the residents do some activities such as Gaben going for a jog and Wario sunbathing. Later the news, presented by Little Mac, reveals that Ralph Bluetawn had turned 29. What follows is a birthday party with Bonzi Buddy, Clown and Groose awkwardly singing happy birthday.

Later Vinny witnesses one of the most intense rap battles in the history of the series. The brothers Waluigi and Wario burn one another with highly powerful insults and some intense moments where one would think that they would lose. Eventually after 2 minutes of rapping, Waluigi won.

Later Vinny went to visit Cling On and gave her an alien costume, he then visits Vinesauce. Seeing Vinesauce too plays the guitar, he makes self-deprecating comments. Vinny ends up playing Quirky Questions where he discovers that the islanders do not like anything non-Nintendo.

Vinny goes off and helps out the islanders, he treats them with quotes, plays games and feeds them. Alpaca then announces that she is interested in Wario and Clown. Vinny persuades her to go after Clown. First she tries singing to him at a school, Clown dismisses her. She become upset, but like an overly obsessed fangirl, she attempts a second time. This time she gives Clown a chicken leg but once again Clown rejects her.

After that fiasco, Balegdah is turned into a robot. Groose later presents the evening news on Cling On falling to Earth and ultimately arriving to the island, in the process she manages to break a world record.


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