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I'm not crying!

Vinesauce Tomodachi Life Part 8, highlights titled I'm Not Crying, is the eighth episode of Vinesauce Tomodachi Life.


Two Faced presents the news about Waluigi's kindness after he got Lamb Chop's kettle down from a tree. Soon later another news segment, after Vinny turned the game off, is presented with Gaben reporting on Ralph Bluetawn's mystic powers. Waluigi becomes a genie and helps grant Ben Drowned some wishes.

Tingle has a nightmare about giant Bonzi Buddies, Waluigis and Gaben. Ironically a similar dream occurs later on with a giant Clown hunting down Vinesauce, Witch and Alpaca. After all that Vinny brings in future fan favourite Cling On onto Vineland Island. He instantly dislikes her croaky high-pitched voice (through Captain Southbird finds it cute), naive to what the future would hold...

Vinny soon finds out that Two Faced is in love with someone. She announces to Vinny that she wants to date Walrus, in which Vinny, in despair, allowed her to do so. She and Walrus go to the Café where she announces her love to Walrus, he says yes he would date her.

Vinny spends some time grumbling over Walrus, claiming he would kill him, evict him or ship him off to another country. To add salt to the already pulsating wound, Walrus was voted best male on the island by the other islanders and was fifth most popular islander. Vinny vows that he would never speak to Two Faced again.

To cheer himself up somewhat, Vinny welcomed three new islanders Balegdah, CD-i Link and Little Mac. Bonzi Buddy dreams of being a super hero known as BonziBuddy 5000 who teaches kids that they should always wash their hands after washing their hands. Walrus has a dream where Cling On was dating Gaben, which shocks him so much his face comes off, though she was just joking. Vinny later decides to draw on CD-i Link's face while he slept, ultimately ending episode soon after in a depressed matter.

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