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Vinesauce Tomodachi Life Part 7, highlights titled A Bad Omen, is the seventh episode of Vinesauce Tomodachi Life.


Lamb Chop presents the news about "The World's Largest Fish Cakes" being discovered by Tingle. Later Vinny checks up on Gaben but it seems he is too distracted running around and forming a band with Ben Drowned instead of developing Half-Life 3. Things are not made better as Vinny continues to distract him afterwards.

Witch is finally given a wizard room. Wario dreams of being a seaweed for some reason, presumably missing his mermaid years. Peach makes apple pie using a frying pan, confusing Vinny. Vinny later discovers that Peach has violent tendencies and that she is the bottom on the ranking system for all of the categories.

Later Vinny wakes all the islanders up to answer some Quirky Questions. Interestingly during the first three questions, Witch is the only one to put her hand up. The second set of questions reveal that Wario thinks he's better than Vinesauce, Walrus is afraid of Raptor "faaaaarts" while also being mistaken for Brad Pitt and lastly Peach hints that she may be a man, this not the first time as in the previous episode she had a manly voice when she was singing in the bath.

Afterwards Vinny played Judgment Bay where there was vote on which sexual thing is better, Ginger minges or clownjobs, the majority went in favour of clownjobs. After quite an uneventful episode, Vinny visits his good friend Walrus who makes a boxer outfit, Vinny ends the episode off by hinting at the possibility that Little Mac may arrive soon.


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