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Vinesauce Tomodachi Life Part 6, highlights titled 99+1 Problems, is the sixth episode of Vinesauce Tomodachi Life.


Wario presents the news about a new Eco Car tested by Waluigi (it's literally a dead car pulled by ropes). Meanwhile Tingle is spotted sleeping in the park, signifying his loneliness. Vinny goes shopping and buys around 20 Brussels sprouts and a proper witch outfit which he gives to Witch.

Vinny continues to help some of his islanders out. He gives Wario a catchphrase and Princess Peach is given a bath. Witch then announces that 100 problems had been solved with BonziBuddy, the island spokesperson, announcing it to the fellow islanders and the world.

Vinny decides to add a islander created by the fans, firstly being Gabe Newell. Vinny soon discovers Judgment bay in which islanders can vote for things. The first vote about the best bepis, whole or half. Soon after a second vote is put up about the best islander, where Ralph won the majority.

He later plays Quirky Questions where the first three were all about Half Life 3, due to the fact Gaben was in the crowd. Gaben answered two and dismissed one. Vinny goes for another round in which two of the questions were about, uh, masturbation.

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