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Vinesauce Tomodachi Life Part 4, highlights titled Groose and Lamb Chop 4Eva, is the fourth episode of Vinesauce Tomodachi Life.


Ralph Bluetawn is added to the island. Vinny checks up on the dreams of the residents, including Groose who dreams about a giant Vinny outside his window, but he seems unfazed. Ralph dreams about living in a high class society. Vinny decides to give many of his residents catchphrases to say. Lamb Chop reports the news about the new trend of painting stones on fingernails.

Later Vinny plays Quirky Questions, where in the first round he has all of the questions about "clownjobs". Clown raises his hands for all except the last question. Vinny then takes some photos of the islanders and forces Tingle to be a baseball player rather than being a fairy.

Groose confesses his love for Lamb Chop on the beach and succeeds in asking her out. Vinny discovers that Lamb Chop is considered the most attractive female with Princess Peach dead last, despite being the most normal-looking. Later Walrus sings a song, "Maybe. Baby".

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