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Vinesauce Tomodachi Life Part 3, highlights titled A Long, Fruitful Friendship, is the third episode of Vinesauce Tomodachi Life.


Vinny helps out the islanders with their problems. He notices that Vinesauce was getting close to Witch, something he wanted to avoid. Groose begins to fall for Lamb Chop, firstly saying that he is getting along with her.

After this they play Quirky Question where it is discovered that Alpaca and Waluigi are addicted to cocaine and Groose needs scrote to be happy. Later Groose decides to troll Vinny with an image guessing minigame, where the initial picture shows nothing (it was revealed to be a banana).

Alpaca's drug addiction begins to grow so much so that she dreams of falling through the air while running away from nothing and eventually flying away. Whenever she's down she says: “Got any blow?”. Alpaca's coke addiction soon results in her singing a pop song about her addiction.

Vinny helps out some more residents, even if they do or say things that do not go to plan. Groose presents the news this time round about a new toaster product that can even toast honey. A new and quite famous member moves to town, going by the name of Walrus. Vinny enjoys Walrus and rates him highly claiming that he could be "everyone's friend". Vinesauce tries to make Two Faced his girl despite her friendzoning him.

Later Vinesauce gets into a fight with Tingle, for reasons unknown, however after a trip with Ben Drowned to Hawaii, they make up. Vinny then finds out that Waluigi is rated as the most popular in the island and his girlfriend Witch is the strongest. Princess Peach and Bonzi Buddy later move into the apartments where they do nothing for the time being. Walrus cooks a meal for Vinny, this being frozen yogourt which Vinny is confused by and questions why Walrus even used a frying pan. The stream ends off with Wario singing his heavy metal song, "Dragon's Dilda".

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