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Vinesauce Tomodachi Life Part 22, highlights titled Vinny Tries Again / Bonzi + Alpaca 4Eva, is the twenty-second episode of Vinesauce Tomodachi Life.


The stream starts off with Vinesauce reporting on Wario finding a sock that he lost eight years ago. Later, Donkey Kong takes several pictures of Vinny, choosing the most embarrassing one to show.

Bonzi Buddy proposes to his sweetheart Alpaca, and she accepts. The island's second wedding begins, with Vinny hoping that the marriage lasts forever so that his Mii Vinesauce will have no chance of being with Alpaca.

Vinny notices that his Mii only likes junk food, commenting that the two almost have equally bad eating habits. While helping out with the islanders, Vinny forgets that he added HOTDOG to the town, and immediately removes him after his funny face is not outstanding. HOTDOG ends up becoming the first islander evicted, though Vinny insists he is dead. Dolan Duk was added to replace HOTDOG, but Vinny is not sure about him either. He will soon express interest in evicting all the memes in the future.

Tingle is revealed to be in love with Two Faced. When he goes to confess, Vinesauce shows up. Two Faced remains faithful to Walrus and rejects them both, but only Tingle is sad.

Seabiscuit meanwhile is given a jockey outfit and is rewarded with a song. She stars in "Horsing Around", which is a mockery of the attention-begging Vinesauce fans in chat.


  • Vinny hopes that Bonzi's marriage with Alpaca will last forever. Ironically, Vinny would later evict Bonzi in part 38, leaving Alpaca a widow.


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