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Vinesauce Tomodachi Life Part 21, highlights titled Vinefeld / The Groose is Loose, is the twenty-first episode of Vinesauce Tomodachi Life.


The stream begins with an unusual news story about a popular new Vlinny erasers. Next Vinny buys the islanders some new stuff before embarking on solving the islander's problems. Ralph Bluetawn becomes friends with Hamburger, whom Vinny believes would be the perfect match for Ralph. It also turns out that Waluigi and Alpaca got into a fight, Waluigi cools down and tries to apologise to Alpaca only to be turned away, as she doesn't forgive him. In the meantime CDI Link becomes friends with Cling On. Witch throws an unusual and small party with Vinny, Two-Faced and Gaben.Both Wario and BonziBuddy become the "pimps" around town as Vinny decides to become a safari explorer.

Vinny questions HOTDOG's existence as seemingly serves no purpose as well as being green, he then warns that if HOTDOG continues to do nothing then it will be evicted. Vinny then invades some dreams and helps more islanders. After a while Alpaca forgives Waluigi before he invades more dreams.

Midway through Vinny reveals the rather dull reason to Balegdah's existence, something only Vinny found funny. After a while, Vinny visits Waluigi and himself at a café where Waluigi feels he can't compete with Clown or Vlinny while Vinny likes both of them and has no problem with them. Soon Waluigi leaves while Wario, BonziBuddy and Tingle discuss about rather monotonous, pointless yet strangely funny conversations which reminded Vinny of Seinfeld. It's also discovered that Wario has a fetish for goats.

Shockingly, Lamb Chop decides its time divorce Groose leaving the two completely depressed even Vinny himself couldn't take it (though probably for laughs) and decides to end the episode there.


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