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Vinesauce Tomodachi Life Part 2, highlight titled Creeps and Weirdos, is the second episode of the Vinesauce's Tomodachi Life series.


Vinny wants to have a Balegdah Mii added but is unable to due to there not being a Mii for her available (her Mii was later created and added in part 8). Two Faced and Waluigi become friends which worries Vinny as he wants Vinesauce to be sweethearts with Two Faced. After this Vinny uses the Compatibility Tester to see his and Waluigi's chances with Two Faced. It turns out Vinny and Two Faced's compatibility is low while Waluigi and Two Faced's compatibility is high. Ironically Waluigi and his girlfriend, Witch, have a low compatibility rate as well.

Ben Drowned presents the news, this time about a flying croissant. Witch sings a rap song titled "Living the Dream". Clown revives a new interior: a room that's always raining. Clown loves it, and he even jumps around in joy.

Newcomers Tingle, Alpaca and later Groose arrive to the island. As a result the population celebrates having ten residents. Wario performs a heavy metal song, though it's unchanged at first. Tingle is forced against his will to be a Spanish baseball player - in fact he becomes subjective to it. Alpaca and Two Faced have a rap battle where Alpaca wins to Vinny's dismay. After that Clown and Ben Drowned have a rap battle where Clown wins.

The first quirky questions occur and after that comes the second, third and fourth quirky questions to occur. It was revealed that Waluigi is devoted to Witch and Vinesauce, while Vinesauce himself may be slightly homosexual. Later there is a rap battle between Wario and Groose where Wario wins the battle. Vinny decides to take photos of the residents in various different fashions.

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