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Being a Sponge fuhcking sucks...

Vinesauce Tomodachi Life Part 18, highlights titled The Ballad of Sponge, is the eighteenth episode of Vinesauce Tomodachi Life.


Once again, Vinny streams Tomodachi Life late, meaning he had little to do. He decides to check up on the islanders, discovering that Little Mac and Karl Pilkington were getting along while Clown Lady watches mysteriously. Vinny accomplishes solving 200 problems on the island, which his arch nemesis Walrus and Ben Drowned report on the exciting news.

Sponge gets upset that his hat isn't "cool" enough and so desires a new one. Vinny simply gives him a recolour of a horn which he technically already had, but it satisfies Sponge regardless. As a result of him levelling up, he sings in the solo ballad "The Ballad of Sponge", which instantly becomes Vinny's favourite in the series.

Vinny invades the dreams of the islanders and continues to solve their problems for the rest of the stream with a repeat of Right 'Em In The Wrong Hole as a bit of fun.


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