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Vinesauce Tomodachi Life Part 17, highlights titled Tomoarigato Mr. Roboto Life, is the seventeenth episode of Vinesauce Tomodachi Life.


Due to streaming late at night, Vinny was limited with what he could do. He checks out what the islanders are dreaming about. Two Faced dreamt about a giant Witch, Walrus, SeaBiscuit and Princess Peach overlooking her near the dock. Alpaca dreamed about a cult worshipping roast beef. Balegdah and Toad had a dream about falling. While Vlinny dreamt about Sponge telling him a lie so shocking that his face flew into space.

Due to how dull the stream was getting, Vinny decided to show some videos. On involved an animation about Vinny on Vineland island gaining meme friends such as Bonzi Buddy, a spaceman and Microsoft Sam. Another video had a deeply religious couple fearing that their Halloween toy was possessed, little did they realise it was had a sensor that detected movement and could be stopped by a simple pull of the plug.

After messing around with the islanders and listening to some classics, Vinny played Quirky Questions where he discovered that Small Face has a giant collection of small sunglasses and that Wario and Alpaca has tried LSD.


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