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Vinesauce Tomodachi Life Part 16, highlights titled You Have the Personality of a Sewing Machine, is the sixteenth episode of Vinesauce Tomodachi Life.


Cling On presents the evening report for Mii News, in which she reports about a leaf boat race that Hamburger won.

At the café, Vinesauce and his friends have some interesting discussions. For example, Wario claims that Vinesauce has the personality of a sewing machine, while Bonzi Buddy believes love has something to do with the temperature. Later on in the café, Wario, Waluigi, and Groose discuss a few topics, including the strange noises coming out of Walrus' apartment.

Back at the apartments Gaben and Wario get into a fight but are soon reconciled. Vinny plays some games with Alpaca before moving onto Walrus, whom he had brought a prison for. Firstly, Vinny gave Walrus a "douche bag" look, then he put him in jail. After this Vinny then gave Walrus a sausage thinking he would hate it, little did he know it was in fact his favourite food of all time.

After some time while helping the islanders, Vinny went on to the café again where he finds out Walrus has a fetish for goats and that he wants to be a fly on the wall. After helping out some more, Vinny introduces more villagers. The first being a clone of himself called Vlinny, who needs cold temperatures to survive; Small Face, who as the name suggests has a small face; Toad, who was born on 9/11; and finally an attention seeking horse named Seabiscuit.

Later on Princess Peach gets a mysterious letter to meet someone on the roof, it turns out to be Small Face in a poor disguise and he reminds Peach to recycle. Princess Peach afterwards gets involved in a rap battle against Cling On where she wins. Afterwards, Vinny was inspired to create a rap song starring the island's best couple, Witch and Waluigi. They performed the hit single "Livin' the Dream".

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