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Vinesauce Tomodachi Life Part 15, highlights titled I've Got to Tell Her, is the fifteenth episode of Vinesauce Tomodachi Life.


After discovering that his islanders have not died from starvation yet, Vinny finds out that Ralph Bluetawn had climbed Mount Vineland. Once more Alpaca tries to ask someone out for a date, this time in Walrus, who is already dating Two Faced. As expected Alpaca is rejected, upsetting her. As a present Vinny buys Alpaca a new room and advises her to go after Clown.

Groose becomes so happy that he stars in a song about his competition against Link and his love life titled as "Groose is Loose". Later Vinny discovers that his Mii is in love with Two Faced. He is rejected by Two Faced in a humiliating fashion and tries his best to get in a better mood.

Ben Drowned sings a remixed version of "Operation Robodachi Fist" which had subliminal messaging and other unintelligible meanings. Tingle finds a way to "express himself" through the use of a digital camera, while Cling On got a Greek outfit and a new home. Finally Balegdah is given a new outfit, freeing her from her robot suit, however she hates it.


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