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Vinesauce Tomodachi Life Part 13, highlights titled What Have I Done?, is the thirteenth episode of Vinesauce Tomodachi Life.


Vinny decides to play the game in the day, rather than at night. The morning news is presented by Vinesauce, who reports on the shocking incident in which CD-i Link got himself stuck in a pickle jar. Afterwards a rap battle is played out between Cling On and Gaben where Cling On wins. Following that is a second rap battle between Karl and Little Mac where Mac won.

Vinny visits the apartments where he gives Karl a monkey hat and goes over to check on Groose who has a problem. It turns out that Groose wants to marry Lamb Chop. The two go to a fireworks show where slowly but steadily Groose asks Lamb Chop in her hand of marriage. She accepts and the wedding happens immediately after, becoming the first couple on the island to get married. As a present Lamb Chop is given a red hot chilli pepper which literally melts her.

Much later Vinny becomes witness to the most intense rap battle ever, between Witch and Sponge but his sick (ridiculous) burns managed to rip Witch a new one, it was also one of the longest. Sponge is then given an empty interior as a present which he enjoys. Ben Drowned attempts to get Wario and Alpaca together but it doesn't work.

Vinny puts on two rap battles while he searches for more residents. The first rap battle was between Little Mac and Waluigi where Little Mac wins. The second one was between Princess Peach and Walrus with Walrus winning almost straight away. Vinny finds two perfect residents to come and join the island, Clown Lady and Hamburger.

Vinny helps out some of the islanders before playing some quirky questions. The evening edition of Mii News was presented by Ralph Bluetawn, who reporting on Waluigi falling into iced coffee.

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