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Vinesauce Tomodachi Life Part 11, highlights titled Of a Giant Space Turtle, is the eleventh episode of Vinesauce Tomodachi Life.


The stream starts off with breaking news presented by Cling On. The story was quite unusual even for this game, as it involved a runaway bus stop with Wario chasing after it. After seeing some of the islanders doing their own things, Vinny stopped off by Cling On and gives her some sweets, which levels her up.

Cling On is given a balled song to sing. While editing the lyrics Vinny came across a problem, he was unable to put in "of a giant space turtle" due to the fact that it spelt "f a g" in the lyrics so he had to put massive instead of giant. After that fiasco, Cling On sang her song "Questions"

Vinny fixes some more problems, while Clown questions how he is funny. Soon after two new islanders enter the fray, Karl Pilkington and Sponge. Vinny solves at least one more problem, that being Wario. Wario becomes hungry and so Vinny gives him some snails to eat, wich he enjoys a lot.

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