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Vinesauce Tomodachi Life Part 10, highlights titled Clown Motel, is the tenth episode of Vinesauce Tomodachi Life.


Once again the islanders seem to be enjoying themselves with Little Mac riding a Ferris wheel all on his own and Gaben walking down the beach looking for inspiration for his next game. Bonzi Buddy presents the news about the island's deepest hole being discovered. Cling On works at the Food Mart for the night.

In the apartment, Little Mac demands for a new hat, in which Vinny gives him a pink mowhawk, which he dislikes. Vinny helps out some of the islanders, in one particular incident he teaches CD-I Link what to say when he is worried but screws up the wording and so has to do it again. Another incident includes Clown seemingly practising on of his "clownjobs"

Vinny later peaks into the dreams of the residents, including Gaben's where he wishes to see what the new game would be like. Vinny discusses about the Clown Motel and the graveyard beside it. Soon after, Vinny tests Two-Faced and Walrus' compatibility and discovers that they are "Star Crossed Lovers"; ironically he has no interest in any other female. Upon seeing the rankings Vinny discovers that Alpaca has -18 on the desirable chart and that Walrus is still the most charming male.

Vinny peaks into more dreams, one of which is Ben Drowned's which involves Clown telling him that if he sneezes his brain will fly out as a result Ben's face flies off. Another dream was of Little Mac's, where he becomes a superhero and advising kids that the only thing to fear is fear itself and spiders.


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