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This is just gonna be one of those weird streams, isn't it?
Vinny, having no idea of the series he will make

Vinesauce Tomodachi Life Part 1, highlights titled Welcome to Vineland Island!, is the first episode of the Vinesauce's Tomodachi Life series.


After some issues with the game's updates, Vinny manages to play Tomodachi Life. He was greeting with message telling him to create his first islander on the island that would be named "Vineland Island". The Mii Vinesauce was created, and so his story begins...

After the apartment and food store were completed, Vinesauce becomes lonely. So, Vinny imports a Witch Mii onto the island, and Wario and Waluigi were added after. Unable to get a appropriate outfit for Witch, he dresses her up in a skimpy which she does not like.

Vinesauce and Witch have the very first rap battle, which Vinesauce wins. Later Vinesauce sets Waluigi and Witch on a date that successfully kicks off the longest relationship in the series.

Vinny decides to solve some problems and shenanigans around the island, including pushing Witch on a, uh, sexy swing. Vinesauce sings the very first song in the series, "Right 'Em In The Wrong Hole".

The Mii Two Faced is introduced, which Vinesauce starts to have feelings for. Her cold is treated and she is given a flower.

Wario and Witch have their rap battle, in which Wario wins. Afterwards, Lamb Chop is introduced and she immediately becomes friends with Vinesauce. Despite just arriving, she is rated number one on the Vitality Ranking. Two Faced debuts her first song, which is then modified with the lyrics of Smash Mouth's "All Star".

Just before the episode ends off, Clown is added onto the island.

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