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This is just gonna be one of those weird streams, isn't it?
Vinny, having no idea of the series he will make

Vinesauce's Tomodachi Life is the name given to Vinny's playthrough of Tomodachi Life. It is well known due to its bizarre cast of characters, including, but not limited to, an anthropomorphic Alpaca (from Paca Plus!), a two-faced (literally) girl, and a ghost clown. The game allows the player to take their Miis, give them different personalities, and see how they interact with each other in an apartment building on an unnamed island in the middle of the ocean. Many varied and weird events occur.

In this playthrough, the island is named Vineland Island. There are several dimensions beyond the prime dimension (named Dimension One): Dimension Two, which was created when Isaac was inserted into the game; Dimension Three, where the Vineland villagers defeated the Space Food during Tomodachi Quest and died; and Dimension Four, where SeaBiscuit had her own TV show; and as of Episode 56, Dimension Five, where David Bowie was not yet and Waluigi never prevented Vinesauce from proposing to Cling On. David Bowie was, in the end, released again to pay respects to the real man.




Rap Battles[]

Rap Battles are recurring events in Tomodachi Life, which happen at night by the town fountain. These Rap Battles were more prevalent in the earlier episodes of the stream, but they have stopped appearing in recent streams of the game.

List of Rap Battles[]

Match Up Winner
Vinesauce vs. Witch Vinesauce
Wario vs. Witch Wario
Alpaca vs. Two Faced Alpaca
Ben Drowned vs. Clown Clown
Wario vs. Groose Wario
Waluigi vs. Wario Waluigi
Gaben vs. Cling On Cling On
Little Mac vs. Karl Pilkington Karl Pilkington
Witch vs. Sponge Sponge
Waluigi vs. Little Mac Little Mac
Princess Peach vs. Walrus Walrus
Cling On vs. Two Faced Two Faced
Sponge vs. Tingle Tingle
BonziBuddy vs. Sponge Sponge
SeaBiscuit vs. BonziBuddy BonziBuddy
Dolan vs. Vinesauce (D2) Vinesauce
Clown vs. Witch Witch
Dolan vs. Vinesauce (D1) Vinesauce
Wario vs. BonziBuddy Wario
Walrus vs. Bowser Bowser
Banana vs. Dheerse Banana
Isaac vs. Clown Lady Isaac
David Bowie vs. Karl Pilkington David Bowie
Dolan vs. Jack & Jill Jack & Jill
Groose vs. Walrus Walrus
Lamb Chop vs. Witch Witch
Cling On vs. Ben Drowned Cling On
Jesus Christ vs. Dheerse Dheerse
Vinesauce vs. SeaBiscuit Vinesauce
Jesus Christ vs. Toad Toad
Small Face vs. Pretzel Pretzel
Walrus vs. Hamburger Walrus
Jack & Jill vs. Pinkle Pinkle
Donkey Kong vs. Clown Lady Clown Lady
Sponge vs. Jack & Jill Jack & Jill

Quirky Questions[]

In Quirky Questions, Vinny gives a question to the host, which is a randomly selected Mii, to ask to six randomly selected islanders. They usually reveal information about the characters and are most often used during the Survivor Edition episodes to ask the hard questions to the islanders.

Judgment Bay[]

Judgment Bay involves the entire crowd of islanders choosing between either 2, 3 or 4 choices. It is not used nearly as often as Quirky Questions during the streams, having only appeared 5 times or so.

Survivor Edition[]

As a way to make the game more interesting to stream, every episode beginning from Episode 51 will feature a public poll to vote one character off the game, giving the viewers the chance to remove their least favorite character from Vineland Island. The only character that cannot be eliminated is Vinesauce, due to game limitations.

List of Eliminations[]

Elimination Table[]

WINNER The islander won the edition.
SAFE The islander is:
  • Safe from the voting
  • Safe and didn't get voted off
LOW The Islander was intended to be eliminated, but not for some reason
OUT The Islander is eliminated
GOOD/OUT The Islander won a reward, but got eliminated. (Also marked as "G/OUT".)
Islander 51 52 53 54/55
Dheerse G/OUT

Other appearances[]

Super Mario Bros. X Level Contest[]

During the 2015 edition of the Vinesauce's Super Mario Bros. X Level Contest, numerous submissions involved characters from Tomodachi Life, including Sponge, Clown, the Jahns, Two-Faced, and Alpaca. They appeared as either playable characters (in the case of Sponge), NPCs (Two-Faced, Alpaca) or as enemies (the Jahns).

Super Sponge Bros.[]

Super Sponge Bros. is a fanmade rom hack of Super Mario Bros. 1 by an unknown user, who modified the game to be slightly harder and to include Sponge and Pretzel (replacing Mario and Luigi from the original game). It can be considered a prequel to the events of Tomodachi Life, involving Sponge and Pretzel's past before coming to Vineland Island, although it does still feature characters from Tomodachi Life, including Tingle in place of the Hammer Bros.

The game has graphical and musical changes to give everything a depressing tone. The Toads are replaced by ghosts which torment Sponge, saying that no princess will ever love him, and Bowser is replaced with Mario, the famous brother. In the end, Sponge is too late to save the unnamed princess, and he finds only her skeletal remains.



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