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Miitopia is now Memetopia.

Vinesauce Miitopia Part 5 is the fifth episode of Vinesauce Miitopia.


A person on chat mentions that Vinny's team is in a polyamorous relationship with each other. Vinny acknowledges that Two Faced does have two mouths...

The party sets up camp for the night. Vinesauce tells the scary story of a Mii losing their face. His story scared Two Faced so much that she starts to hate Vinesauce.

The group later finds an inn, but the Dark Lord Mike Love kidnaps all of Vinesauce's friends while he was sleeping. The Dark Lord also sealed away Vinesauce's powers, leaving him unable to fight as before. Vinny is forced to choose a new class for Mii. To everyone's disappointment, Vinny chooses his Mii to be an imp.

Hotel Mario joins Vinny's new party as a cat, but the creator accidentally made the Mii a female. To conform with the pre-established Hotel Mario lore, he changes Mario's gender to male.

Vinny notices how sacrilegious his playthrough has become: he has made Mario a cat, and his own Mii is a devilish figure traveling through the desert to meet Jesus.

The pop star Speed Luigi joins Vinny's party. The chat notices that his group is entirely Italians. Vinny explains that Hotel Mario and Speed Luigi have never seen each other since they were three, and that they are outcasts of the Mario family.

On the journey to Neksdor, Vinesauce encounters the quizmaster Dr. Phil, who challenges him to the minigame "Who Is It?".

Meanwhile, while roaming the desert Prince Groose comes across a trapped genie in a lamp. The genie promises to grant Groose whatever wish he wants, so Groose begins to furiously rub the lamp. The genie is revealed to be a double-moustached Waluigi, and lied to Groose just so that he can be freed. Vinesauce comes by and the frustrated prince gives him the lamp.

The group enters the town of Neksdor, where he meets the townsfolk including the dancing guide Isabelle, the actual Mario who is a rambling old man, and the worried explorer Rabbid. The group finds out that the freed Waluigi has been wrecking havoc on the town with his antics. Afterwards, Mike Stoklasa joins the party as a scientist.

Vinesauce encounters Jesus again, informing him that a genie is running amok. Jesus explains to Vinesauce that he must use his lamp to seal the genie by reciting the genie's name over and over.

New characters

  • Cat Hotel Mario
  • Pop Star Speed Luigi
  • Quizmaster Dr. Phil
  • Genie of the Lamp Waluigi
  • Dancing Guide Isabelle
  • Rambling Old Man Mario
  • Shady Merchant Family Raven & Ash
  • Worried Explorer Rabbid
  • Prickly Couple Iwata & Xion
  • Desert Celebrity Nikki
  • Scientist Mike Stoklasa


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