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Vinesauce Miitopia Part 4 is the third episode of Vinesauce Miitopia.


The quartet continue on their way to find Prince Groose. They meet the arrogant prince at a cliffside, who is become impatient with their arrival. On the walk back to the castle, Groose rants about how when he and his caravan were attacked, he was forced to flee while his guards took care of the monsters. When the party encounters a Griffin, Groose simply made arrogant remarks instead of actually fighting. He takes all the credit to himself, much to the party's annoyance.

Arriving at Greenhorne Castle, Groose was enraged to find Karl be with his beloved princess. The two get into a fight over Lamb Chop, and thus the Sloppy Seconds Brothers are brothers no more...

To stop the commotion, King SpongeBob asks Vinesauce to retrieve some calming fruit, which is hidden somewhere deep in the nearby forest.

Sponge grows increasingly jealous of Two Faced's friendship with Vinesauce. Sponge seemingly jokes about growing more calming fruit and taking over the world as benevolent overlords, in order to eliminate the sadness of the world.

The party finds the calming fruit, but when they return to the castle they find it to have been attacked by the Dark Lord. The king's guards Geordi and Morgan Freeman, while they able-bodied, are useless against fighting monsters. The party fights the creatures in the castle, including a Naughty Imp. Two Faced becomes possessed by it, but Vinesauce snaps her out of it by slapping her (to the cheers of the chat).

The group finds that the Princess has her face stolen. Prince Groose runs out, scared shitless. Karl runs off to the Nightmare Tower to save her face. All the while King SpongeBob is still eating his drumstick, not giving a single f*ck.

At the inn in Nightmare Tower, Vinesauce gets a twelve-pack from his macho armor. Vinny briefly mutates into Scoot after seeing his Mii RIPPED (Two Faced thinks he looks super cute). Sponge becomes a cult leader from Holy Mountain.

Karl confronts the Dark Lord's minion with Lamb Chop's face, called General Lamb Chop. Unable to fight, Karl gets his ass beat again. General Lamb Chop was later defeated by Vinny's party, but they confront the Dark Lord Mike Love, who threatens to sue Vinesauce for defeating one of his loyal servants, before leaving.

The Princess and Karl are saved. Back at the castle, he king congratulates the party and Karl for their heroism. SpongeBob allows Karl to marry the princess, and the two embrace. The group applauds, yet Vinny is disgusted that Two Faced is crying snot from her noses. Groose, angered and heartbroken, runs back to his mama.

Back at the inn, Vinesauce decides to impress Two Faced by dyeing his hair light blue.


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