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Two Faced: Those things are huge! I can't fit one in my mouth!
Vinesauce: What do you mean? I just swallow them whole.

Vinesauce Miitopia Part 3 is the third episode of Vinesauce Miitopia.


Vinny's party have entered the grounds of Greenhorne Castle, where they first encounter the meal connoisseur Pringles, who was busy enjoying himself to a slice of cheesecake.

At the inn, Two Faced gifts a lyre to Gordon Ramsay which confuses Vinny. Vinny gives Two Faced money to buy her a toy dagger, because he cannot trust her with an actual one. Gordon later goes to Vinesauce's room, where they have a childish conversation about who he likes in the group.

Vinny then chooses the characters for the Vinetopia royal family. He makes SpongeBob the king, Lamb Chop the princess, and the Sloppy Seconds Brothers her lovers. The party members enter King SpongeBob's castle, where they meet the obese monarch eating a drumstick. Vinesauce pleads with the king, warning him of the Dark Lord. King SpongeBob initially dismisses his concerns, but his face suddenly gets stolen as he burps.

Vinesauce and his friends set out to rescue the king's face. Along the way, he gets into a fight with Two Faced. Vinny realizes that the two have no relationship with each other (perhaps they were still pissed at each other from Tomodachi Life). Vinny gets the two (re)acquainted. The duo makes fun of Sponge, which he notices.

The group fights the Golem SpongeBob and frees his face. During the battle, Vinesauce and Sponge got even more close to each other, with Gordon Ramsay dealing the final blow to the Golem. With his face restored, the king tells the party to warn the Princess, before stuffing his face with another drumstick.

They meet the beautiful Princess Lamb Chop, who is worried about her friend Karl Pilkington. Before searching for her friend, Vinny changes the Dark Lord to Mike Love. Back at Greenhorne, Vinesauce stumbles upon midna, who was worried that her child Bobby has wandered off.

The party finds Karl and Bobby outside the town. Karl tries to save Bobby from a group of goblins, but instantly gets his ass kicked. The team defeats the goblins and rescue Bobby, before returning to the castle with Karl. Princess Lamb Chop is relieved of Karl's return, but the King reminds her that she is betrothed to marry Prince Groose of Neksdor instead. The King requests the party to escort the Prince from the Arid Frontier.

While finding Groose, Vinesauce and Gordon get into a beef with each other. They even fight each other while the party battles creatures along the way. The two later forgive each other at the inn.

Two Faced and Vinesauce have a conversation about eating MP Candies. Two Faced mentions that the candies are huge and she cannot fit one in her mouth. Vinny, who was not paying attention to the conservation earlier, freaks out thinking she meant something else. It does not get better when Vinesauce replies that he just swallows them whole.

And so ends another episode on Vintopia...

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