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Vinesauce Miitopia Part 2 is the second episode of Vinesauce Miitopia.


At the Inn, Sponge shows off his new look to Vinesauce. Vinny comments that Sponge now looks like Ringo of The Beatles.

The party sets out and battle the K. Janeway Mouse. Her predicament was almost as bad as the Star Trek: Voyager episode when she became a lizard. After defeating and freeing Janeway, Two Faced learns the new ability Booby Trap. Vinny acts, uh, pretty mature about this.

The party then fights Rocky Nick Cage. Ironically, he gets attacked by Vinesauce's bee strings, something he did not enjoy from The Wicker Man. The freed Nick Cage only gives the party 10G as reward, before sarcastically remarking that Vinesauce will not defeat the Dark Lord.

During their time in Riverdeep Cavern, Sponge scares the crap out of Gordon Ramsay, and he gets more acquainted with Two Faced.

Two Faced changes into a green Chick Gear, while Vinesauce changes into a new set of copper armor; unfortunately the bee armor must be discarded. Gordon gets a newsprint uniform, becoming the trash chef. Two Faced and Sponge cry in battle.

The party confronts the Dark Lord at Castle View. Bill summons a group of apple jellies and Imp Lucy. Lucy's face is freed after.

Vinesauce runs into the Serious Soldier papyrus, who tells him that the group has reached the end of the demo, and the rest of the adventure awaits in the full game.

New characters

  • Serious Soldier papyrus


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