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Welcome to Vineland Island Part 2: Medieval Times!

Vinesauce Miitopia Part 1 is the first episode of Vinesauce Miitopia.


Vinny is introduced to the medieval world of Miitopia. It was once a land of peace and harmony, until an unspeakable evil began stealing everyone's faces.

Vinesauce begins his journey as a lone traveller, who stumbles upon the town of Greenhorne, where he is introduced by the town's guide Snoop Dogg. All was fine and dandy for Vinesauce, when suddenly the town is attacked by the Dark Lord Bill Trinen, who steals the faces of Snoop Dogg, K. Janeway, Bobby Hill, and Nick Cage. Determined to save the townsfolk, Vinesauce sets out to confront the Dark Lord.

Vinesauce finds the Dark Lord lurking outside of town. He demanded Bill to return all the faces, but Bill summons a Mini Slime with Bobby Hill's face. Though unable to fight back at first, Vinesauce's family heirloom bestows him the power of the guardian. After defeating the Mini Slime, Vinesauce returns Bobby's face and receives some money as reward.

Along the way to find the Dark Lord, Vinesauce is accompanied by the cleric Sponge, who together fought a butterfly with Snoop Dog's face. They then meet up with Gordon Ramsay, the stubborn British chef. The party confronts the Dark Lord again, but they were saved by the Great Sage Jesus Christ.

Afterwards Vinesauce gets bee armor (to Vinny's chagrin), Ramsay improves his cooking skill for combat, and the energetic thief Two Faced joins the gang.

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