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VargFren, or simply Fren, is a caricature of Joel, that essentially became his fanbase's version of Vinny's Meat. Although of Swedish origin, the only words he currently knows is "VIOLENCIA" and "ALERTA", Portuguese for violence and alert, respectively.


VargFren first appeared near the end of the Spooky Saturday stream of QT on 10 August 2019, where he is first drawn by Joel in a similar style to the rest of the game.[1] He became very popular with the fanbase, and has since appeared in many other of Joel's streams.

Because of his popularity, Happy Snake, the developer of QT, added him as a cameo in the full release of QT.[2]


In The Sims 4: Meme House, VargFren was introduced in Part 8 of the series, where he briefly lived in the McNulty mansion with his friend Pepsiman. In the same stream, he was then immediately killed by the previous owner of the McNulty residence, Cesar Millan. And so, VargFren holds the fastest death in the Meme House series, lasting only ten seconds.



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