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Vappyvap88 (nicknamed Vappy), full name Jonathan Shen, was best known for editing and archiving past Vinesauce streams on YouTube. He began uploading streams in 2014 that first aired as far back as 2013. He worked alongside Captain Southbird in editing and uploading streams to Vinny's fullsauce channel.

One unique aspect of Vappy's channel was that he uploaded Vinny's pre-stream antics, such as licking a Switch cartridge before playing Breath of the Wild.

On April 22, 2020, Jonathan passed away due to cardiac arrest after contracting COVID-19.[1][2]


  • Vappy once said in one of Vinny's streams "this beat so sick, it's fucked."
  • Vappy was more likely to post uncut streams that are not usually on the official Full Sauce channel.


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