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Vibesauce Vibesauce 17 March 2018

opinions on red vox? (aka my desparate attempt to make this wiki relevant)

idk why but i really like this wiki and i want other people to join it and talk on here so let’s have a discussion!

as you can see from the title, what is your opinion on red vox?

personally, i love them. they’re definitely my favorite band (i actually bought an another light cd/pster and a blood bagel cd/poster last night)

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Vibesauce Vibesauce 15 March 2018

hello (to the people who are still active)!


i just wanted to greet everyone who still uses this wiki and say that i'm going to be updating stuff to the best of my abilities. i know not many people go on here anymore, but i'm still going to be as active as possible :)

(maybe) see you around!

~ jordan

p.s., here's a little tag yourself meme (i'm sbubby)

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