Vinesauce Wiki

Hello! now you see the admins have well been inactive.

So I think this wikia needs a Improvement: adoption.

for you new guys adoption is when most of the admins go inactive so someone needs to fill out a thing.

This is why how I will improve this wiki.

1.Add rules/Improve/Make it more clearer

2.Make this wiki more flashy, We want this to stand out.

3.Add more pages I mean for a more then 5 month wiki 41 pages is bad.

4.Although I am more of a Joel fan I have to agree that the Vinny pages are half ass.

5.Make a Do and Don'ts of page making.

6.Deal with spam.

Finally, I might change the admin requrements but I have to think about that.

I will try to edit daily unless somerthing major happens.

Thank you for your time of view this,

UrbanPie ^_^