Vinesauce Wiki

Hardcore Vinesauce fan, Vinny's laughter brings me sincere joy. Grew up with a grammar Nazi father so I can fix spelling mistakes/awkward phrasings up in a jiffy. Message me if you have questions for some reason.

To-do list

  • Get various screengrabs from the stream (i.e. Bonzi Buddy, Vinny's Tomodachi Life Miis)
  • Housekeeping
  • Maybe a page for Vine terminology/slang if enough can be compiled.
  • I'm thinking we need to have a general page for the streams themselves, along with the highlights videos in a sub-article thing, and maybe a list of parts.
    • i.e. "Metal Gear Solid 3" page, section on the highlight video on that page, and a separate page listing the parts uploaded to YouTube.
    • Also a system to differentiate series because there's an overlap in who streams what.