“Viva la Towel”
— Towel's greeting

Towel is a hacker, notorious for his hacking of Joel's highlight channel (Exinthevatican) on YouTube, (supposedly) his Twitch account (due to multiple users being banned for no apparent reason), YMS, and some of the smaller Vinesauce streamers. He has also hacked KY's Twitch account, used it to spam, and deactivated it. He claims to be a hacker, however it is speculated that he actually gained access to the Exinthevatican channel through an email address leak.

Towel is the same person who hacked the Youtuber Markiplier's Tumblr account, supposedly around the time of the death of one of Mark's friends.

The pictures Towel uses in the second and third videos he uploaded to Joel's channel (now removed) is of @ItsBastrin, a twitter user who it is reported he makes fun of.

In Nov 7, 2015 Towel has Hacked YMS' Twitter, one of Vinny's friends. He had also hacked LyleMcDouchebag on the same day. YMS got back his Twitter by Towel having no fun.

As of Nov 8, 2015, Vinny, Joel and the rest of Vinesauce are apparently aware of the situation. Joel's fans sent Towel death threats, unsubbed to the hacked channel, and posted comments such as "good riddance, you worthless twat." and "damn, I was hoping you'd stream your suicide."

He was brushed off as a 'script kiddie', and many thought he had left, as he posted a video to Joel's channel titled "Goodbye", however he later returned, completely wiping the channel and on Nov 8, 2015 had complete control. Luckily though, there were many backups of his videos, and many YouTube users were re-uploading them.

“Well that was fucking stupid, Wasn't it?”
— Joel, first thing he said when he came back

On the 9th Nov 2015, all of the videos were restored, and on 10th Nov 2015, Joel has obtained the channel back.