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The residents of Vineland Island are a creative bunch, even though many of their songs are heavily plagiarized trite.

Throughout the series, an Album's-worth of short songs are performed by the residents of the island.


The Heart's Descent

Plagiarized and performed by TwoFaced, this song (wrongfully) convinced Vinny that TwoFaced and Vinesauce would be together.

Oh what have I done?
My dreams have come undone
Beneath the wretched sun
I cry alone
I need a love to call my own
In your sweet face
I'll find my grace
You'll save me from the dark
And together we shall embark
On a new journey
My love and me

Opera Star

Half-plagiarized by TwoFaced in response to people accusing her of stealing The Heart's Descent (seen above) and claiming it to be an original piece. Opera Star is only half-plagiarized seeing as it's more like a poorly created mashup than an entirely new song, which allows TwoFaced to claim it as original and deflect anyone accusing her of stealing again.

Somebody once told me da world
Was gonna roll me
I ain' the sharpest tool
In the shed
She was lookin kinda dumb
With her finger
And her thumb
In the shape of an L
On her fore head
Hey now, you're an
Opera star, go on, get laid

Rock n' Roll

Write Em' in the Wrong Hole

Written and performed by Vinesauce, this song is claimed to be about whales, though that is highly debatable. This song marks the first of many songs to be written by the Islanders, as well as the first fully original song.

Write em in the wrong ho
Until they wanna blow
Swimming in the great sea
A whale with you and me
Making love like Crustaceans
Venting all our frustrations
Lying naked on the beach
Until we heard a screech
Turned out to be your mom
So then I moved to Vietnam


Operation Robodachi fist

Written by BenDrowned, this song is his take on the more popular "Operation Robodachi". It is, for all intents and purposes, the same song. The only difference is the random inclusion of the word "fist" as well as a load of gibberish in the middle.

On days I'm feeling way down on my luck
The only way to sooth my soul
Is with some dancing fist
a4y9ht gty 66egju7y yhb öô?íæý â
I stay up fist
All night
A robodachi
I never get sleepy
Candy fist fist
Is all that I eat
Nobody can stop ro-bo-da-chi fist ffffffff