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The Adventures of Mario and Luigi is a classic series showcasing Vinny's video editing skills as well as his impressions of the Mario brothers heard irregularly on the stream. The first video was published January 13, 2013.[1]


Although the length of episodes varied they were all quite brief, the longest clocking in at only 2:49. They consist of edited footage from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! dubbed over by Vinny, and as such they tend to focus on the Mario brothers (hence the title of the videos.) The final episode was published September 18, 2014. [2]

There was nearly a year-long gap between episodes 3 and 4, although a Vinesauce fan going by AngeloJFurfaro uploaded his own episode using audio from one of Vinny's streams alongside original animation reminiscent of Cartoon Network's Chowder. Titled (18+) Mario Tells Luigi the Truth (Vinesauce) [3] it depicts Mario telling Luigi he has "Terminal 7" brain cancer and that his life has been a lie. It was uploaded February 23, 2013, and currently serves as the final video in the Vinesauce channel's official Mario and Luigi playlist. [4]