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Terminal 7 is a fangame based on Vinny's Terminal 7 meme, as a sourcemod for Half-Life 2. The game was released in early 2017 and was later played by Vinny himself on March 20. A psychological thriller, players control Luigi as he supposedly escapes Bowser's castle and fights his Koopa minions along the way. But all may not be as it seems...


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Luigi wakes up in a prison cell in "Bowsers Castle". Luigi then finds a pair of pliers hidden in a locked dresser smashed by a brick next to a piece of paper that simply reads "good luck". Luigi then uses the pliers to pick open the cell door, walk through a dark hallway with more numbered cell doors, find a jail key next to a dead "Koopa" guard, and unlock a locked door that leads to an unlocked door on the left.

Luigi then finds a room with wake up pills, and after consuming the wake up pills Luigi gains jumping and ducking, allowing him to climb into an open vent. After an alarm goes off, a "Koopa" runs out of the cafeteria, leaving the door open. Luigi then finds a pot and decides to use it to defend himself. After killing and hiding from the guards/inmates, Luigi makes it to the front entrance, but the door gets shut. Luigi breaks through a window to get out, but law enforcement begins shooting at him, and after barely escaping by going down a green pipe, Luigi ends up down in the sewers, and washes out into the bay. We then follow Luigi as, continuing to hallucinate, he kills civilians, travels through the city to his home, only to find Mario having hung himself due to Luigi's incarceration putting him into debt and making him lose faith in the system. This discovery causes his hallucinations to briefly worsen, with him seeing a mutilated version of himself. He then drives off to find Peach at an abandoned house, only to see she is now nothing but a skeleton lying in a bathtub near some bloodied tools and corpses, with Luigi having murdered them to get "ingredients" for a "cake" for Peach, whom he kidnapped.

Realizing this, Luigi is overwhelmed with guilt, sadness, and self-hate, and his hallucinations overwhelm him. In a dreamlike section, he must then fight his way through a bizarre mishmash of broken buildings floating in a tunnel of energy in a black void, fighting through classic Mario enemies, classic Mario characters, bizarre abominations, and elements of his previous hallucinations. Eventually, he reaches the end of this section, only to see himself lying on a doctor's bed with Mario at his side and Peach sobbing, presumably a suppressed memory. A phone next to him suddenly rings, and he is transported to a memory from 1996, which manifests as a corrupted version of 1-1, ending in a reenactment of Luigi's diagnosis of brain cancer, at which point the game abruptly ends.


Stream Streamed by Date Length Highlights
Terminal 7: A SourceMod Game (Highlights) Vinesauce Vinny Logo.png Vinny March 20, 2017 1:40:11 -
Terminal 7: Missed Secrets Vinesauce Vinny Logo.png Vinny March 27, 2017 5:24 -



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