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You've got terminal 7. Brain cancer.
Vinny, impersonating Mario


Terminal 7 brain cancer, usually known simply as terminal 7, is a meme created by Vinny from his SNES corruptions stream, and added on to later, most notably in a Super Mario 64 stream. It is presumably the seventh, fatal stage of brain cancer. Luigi suffers from it, having hallucinated all of his adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom due both to suffering this stage of brain cancer, and using hallucinatory mushrooms, with much of his supposed adventures actually being parts of Mario's dirty lifestyle, altered by his hallucinations, with some notable examples being that Princess Peach was actually a hooker's corpse, and that Toad was actually Mario's penis.

It appears to cause hallucinations, and possibly changes to the sufferer's thought process/actions. Despite its name, it has not yet been shown to ever cause death.

The meme was prominent enough for a fan-made sourcemod game of the same name featuring a surprisingly far darker lore to be made in 2017, gaining popularity due to Vinny playing it and praising it.

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