Owner and founder of Vinesauce. Just some guy from New York City who wanted to stream some video games.


The very first Vinesauce viewer and one of the first streamers, Jen makes sure to collect all the Jiggies.

KY (LiveByFoma)

Musician and video gamer based in Philadelphia. Resident "indie guy" and high-variety streamer.


The man with the gasmask, Rev has been known to frequently end the marriage of Grace and Trip. Also, be sure to check out his art.


Ready to get dusted? Fred is a collector and streamer of classic games. Frooby pls.

Darren (VicariousPotato)

A living irish potato who streams video games. From the great land of Ire, Darren tends to enjoy Stalker and various other post-apocalypse simulators.


The resident merry metalhead hailing from the freezing realms of northern Sweden. Enjoys retro gaming, alcohol, necromancy and breadsticks. Happiness is a Cigar Called Joel.


Hailing from the state of New Joisey, this uguu pelican tends to GO FAST. Likes to play horrible games that no one else dare touches and is sometimes joined by her mother, Donna, who proceeds to completely mess with her.


My birth at Baekdu Mountain was foretold by a swallow, and heralded by the appearance of a double rainbow across the sky over the mountain and a new star in the heavens. So I come to stream.


Found one day in a game of Empires (HL2 Mod), Fear and Vine became friends. Soon after, Sion's glorious ways allowed him to ascend to streamer.


An owl that streams video games. He does some of the best voice acting in all of the land.


Based in England, may or may not be fat and/or a seal. Dabbles a bit in most games, but specializes in handhelds and the fifth/sixth generation console eras.

Jonathan Morrow (DireBoar)

Played a video game once.