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Snoop Dogg is a character that Vinny made in his game of Tomodachi Life, and is modeled after the American rap artist of the same name.


Tomodachi Life

Snoop Dogg made his debut in episode 29, where he ends up living in a hamster cage. He got with Lamb Chop only an hour after Bonzi Buddy, her ex-husband who moved away after their child had grown up.

He likely influenced Jesus into becoming a stoner himself.

Snoop is also known for dem good vibes, dude.


In Miitopia, Snoop Dogg is the town guide for Greenhorne and the first person encountered by Vinesauce.

Snoop has a very carefree demeanour. When Vinesauce tried to convince him that monsters were coming to Greenhorne, he blew him off, seeing as Greenhorne was too peaceful to have monsters. He was soon proved wrong.

Snoop's face was stolen by the Dark Lord Bill, and placed onto the body of a butterfly. He fought for the Dark Lord Bill in an attempt to defeat Vinesauce, but was struck down by Vinesauce and Sponge.


  • Snoop's Mii in Miitopia is different from the one in Tomodachi Life because the Mii in Miitopia was automatically selected by the game, while the Mii in Tomodachi Life was specifically created by a Vinesauce fan for the streams. Despite this, they were both treated as the same character.


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