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Shrimp Lady

The Shrimp Lady (real name: Marta Liu) is an NPC appearing in Cyberpunk 2077. She is a food vendor selling shrimps in the Kabuki district.

She became a meme in Vinny's fanbase from his Cyberpunk playthrough. Thanks to the game's unpolished and buggy nature on release, she is completely oblivious to nearby crime and the corpses that Vinny throws onto her shop. She continues to bargain with Vinny, even when she is under a pile of glitched bodies that causes her to phase through the map. The Shrimp Lady may be the one of the most powerful beings in Night City, as even blowing her up would not stop her resolve from selling Vinny some fresh shrimps.


V: These shrimp fresh?
Shrimp Lady: They just arrive! Straight from the best aqua farm in Night City!
V: Aqua-farm?
Shrimp Lady: Where do you think? From Pacifica? That trash from the sea no good - make you sick.


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