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Shadow President is an MS-DOS geopolitical simulator developed by DC True and released in 1993. The game's scenario is based loosely around the early 1990's, and elements of cyberpunk and dark science fiction.

Players take control as the President of the United States and start off with 50% popularity, and must maintain their popularity for re-election in order to win. The player must manage the budget of the US government, deal with diplomatic crises, send foreign aid, and fight wars if necessary.

A sequel, titled CyberJudas was released in 1996, and added more gameplay mechanics such as espionage and treason.


Fuck you Norway!
President Joel, before turning Norway into a radioactive wasteland

Joel streamed both Shadow President and CyberJudas as part of his DOS Madness streams. In his first Shadow President stream, it turns out Joel is pretty terrible with geography and history like a stereotypical ignorant American; he thinks that the US nuked Indonesia, could not find Iraq on the map, could not tell the difference between Iraq or Iran, and is unsure if Japan is a communist country or not.

As his first action as President, Joel immediately nukes Sweden's archnemesis Norway with 5000 nukes. Despite turning much of western Scandinavia into an irradiated wasteland, 800 thousand Norwegians survive and President Joel is subsequently impeached and assassinated.

In a later game, President Joel attempts to invade Iraq, a country with almost a million troops, with just 2000 soldiers. His popularity massively drops and Joel is impeached from a coup sponsored by Japan.

In the CyberJudas stream, President Joel decides to ramp up his war crimes, unleashing a nuclear exchange with China, turning Canada into the 51st state, and nuking Norway again.



Stream Streamed by Date Length Highlights
Shadow President (Part 1) Vinesauce Joel Logo.png Joel April 11, 2014 1:49:09 -
Shadow President (Part 2) Vinesauce Joel Logo.png Joel April 11, 2014 50:59 -
CyberJudas Vinesauce Joel Logo.png Joel September 24, 2016 1:40:05 -

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