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"Descendant of BigD**k, lesson now to my words."

-King from Sexy Dragon Quest

Sexy NES Hell is one of Joel's very first popular videos on YouTube. The video is about Joel playing old rom hacks from the 90's. The video was released in 2012 witch predates the "Rom Hacks from Hell" Stream. Just like the "Rom Heck from Hell" stream, the rom hacks that Joel plays are extremely immature and has lots of racist and nude content. He also played some bootlegs as well. The rom hacks and bootlegs he played include:

  • Naked Kung Fu
  • Sexy Dragon Quest
  • Afro Man
  • Bootleg Street fighter II on NES
  • Somari
  • McDonald's
  • Yoshi Bike
  • Naked Punch out
  • KISS golf (The band KISS)
  • Hot Slot
  • Happy Batman
  • Bald Mario 2
  • Pony Poki Bros. 2
  • Master Fighter II
  • Donkey Kong Bike
  • Christmas Mario 2
  • Super Mario Bros In Swedish
  • Super Mario Bros 3 in Swedish
  • Zelda II: Aventyret om Link (Swedish)
  • Spooky Zelda II
  • Naked Tennis