Pretzel is the 4th Mario brother.


Pretzel as he appeared in Tomodachi Life

Pretzel was a character first created by Vinny during a stream of Game and Wario's Sketch mode where he appeared as random scribbles. His first appearance as a real character, however, wasn't until episode 42 of Vinny's Tomodachi Life streams.


Pretzer Mario and his brother, Spondaj Mario, grew up in the European country of Kraskatalia. Eventually, the two moved to America. After arriving, two decided to change their names to Pretzel and Sponge respectively, thinking those were both normal American names. During the 42nd part of Vinny's Tomodachi Live streams, Pretzel was added to the island where he finally joined his brother.


  • Vinny briefly toyed with Pretzel's personality trait, making him out to be the antithesis of Sponge by being totally indifferent.
  • Pretzel's catchphrase (as performed by Vinny) is "Eeehhh, you knooowww," said in a loud, nasal voice and unidentifiable accent.
  • He refers to Sponge by his original Kraskatalian name, "Spondaj".
  • In episode 54 of Tomodachi Life, Vinny hints that Pretzel's requisite princess might be named Chocolate because of how well chocolate and pretzels go together.
  • In part 18 of Miitopia, Vinny mispronounces his name as Pretzer. He then explains that this was the name that Pretzel was born with.
    Sponge and Pretzel Portrait

    A portrait of Sponge and Pretzel supposedly from when they lived in Kraskatalia.


Pretzel's first appearance.