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Operation Robodachi Fist is a techno song performed by Ben Drowned. The song's lyrics are mostly gibberish with the word "fist" added randomly.


On days I'm feeling way down on my luck
The only way to soothe my soul
is with some dancing fist
Hot groovy robo dancing
I stay up fist
all night, a Robodachi
I never get sleepy
Candy fist fist
is all that I eat
No one can stop Ro-bo-da-chi fist ffffffff

Corrupted version

xtgxztrhgqrqqqqtrxxxzc xzz xzz xcx xzzz xzrtty d
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiy iiiiiiiy iiiiiiy iuyhjoiiikll:
χ β α δ ε ζ θιθθιθσ dancing fist
a4y9ht gty 66ehju7y yhb ìöô?íæý â
bvfgfughtf up fist
all night, trtrrrtrtrtrtrtrtrtretrtrtrftrf
Vyouilkj yidder rewsrtfmn kjjm
Candy fist fist
No one can stop Ro-bo-da-chi fist фйбвггде

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