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The Vinesauce team are known for spawning a variety of memes due to the unique nature of their individual streams. This is a list kept for reference detailing Internet memes related to each streamer.


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Fuck Bees

"Fuck Bees" is an edited version of the 1986 song "It's Hip to Be Square" by Huey Louis and the News featuring the phrase "fuck bees" interspersed over the original lyrics. It was uploaded by YouTuber on February 13, 2015. [1]

During Vinny's stream of the Games Repainted version of Super Mario Galaxy on December 13, 2015 for charity, the song replaced the original background theme of Honeyhive Galaxy.


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Grand Dad

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Bonzi Buddy

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Who's Been Drawing Dicks

"Who's been drawing dicks" is a memorable quote which Joel said in one of his Windows Destruction streams when he told a story about when he was at school and a friend of his would go around the halls, open Paint and draw a penis with the spray can.


"Tootorals" is a mispronounciation of the word "tutorials" which was in the instructional audio on Softonic, which was in a Windows Destruction stream.