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My name is Mega. Mega Mang. And I've got... no ass...
Mega Mang

Mega Mang is a Sim character made by Joel in The Sim 4. When Joel was trying to make Mega Man, most of the stuff that Mega Man has was not in the Sims 4 character creator (How surprising). So, when Joel was finished with Mega Man, it didn't look lake Mega Man one bit, crowning it "Mega Mang".


Mega Mang wears a blue bowl hat (intended to be the helmet), blue pajamas, black boots, blue pants, and sunglasses. He appears very strong with a very squarish face. One defining trait of his is his extreme muscularity, a trait shared with Donkey Kong. However, in spite of his overall "thiccness", Mega Mang lacks an ass.

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