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You can see here, that these meats are starving, but they find a way to create life nonetheless - by eating each other, procreating, and then continuing to eat each other.

Meat is an earthworm character from an MSN commercial, who has since became a meme by Vinny.


Meat himself

Meat originated as the puppet earthworm character who was used in a British 1999 commercial for MSN.[1] The commercial features the worm getting split into two worms. The character has gained popularity 20 years later by Vinny, who has come to refer the earthworm as "Meat", a euphemism for the male genitalia.

Vinny first encountered Meat in part 8 of his Bloodborne streams on 1 May 2018, where he reacts to a meme featuring the character. Vinny is intrigued, and then places the picture of Meat on the bottom-left of the screen for the rest of the stream.[2]



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